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Acido Dorado sits in a 180 degree nook of a small mountain of rocks and presents on the outside a long and low chopped and channeled profile with huge mirrored overhangs, hearts, flowers, and 3 colors of acid-tinged metallic gold. Inside, it’s all preppy-glam; a beige and tweed country club strung out on gold and mirror accents.

This very private 1400 square foot house has two matching master suites with glass walls and private atriums planted with ocotillos. Each suite has a large shower that is open to the atrium, a teak bench, and a floating mirrored vanity.  The main room is glass walled on three sides with a full kitchen, and a large dining table. A seating area has a sofa, chairs and a stereo cabinet with a bluetooth enabled built-in 400watt 7 speaker stereo system throughout the house. The mosaic tiled reflecting pool and huge spa are basically in the living room, and the sunken back patio has built in seating, a fire pit, and a barbeque. Ornate wrought iron gates with thousands of metallic gold roses slide into pockets and disappear to open the living room from the front desert plains through to the back patio and rocky hillside. The house can be opened entirely to catch desert breezes but there is also an oversized heating and cooling system for those few days when you need them.

For more views of Acido Dorado including architectural writing and photography, fashion photgraphy, and travel features from a guest’s point of view- see the Y Que page tab above.

For rental information please see the Information page tab above.